Bee NFTs

3,000 Bee NFTs living on the beehive
REI on Oortswap:

A series of 3,000 algorithmically generated Bee NFTs

Living on the REI nework working as a community. By owning one of these NFTs, you will be able to play BeeHive RPG. Currently, this also means the game is capped to 3,000 players.
This gen zero of BeeHive has its own in-game interactions and tokenomics. Further gens might be allies or rivals, one thing is for sure: Only 3,000 Bees will produce $HONEY
Put your Bees Work to start earning Honey.

Scarcity of Bee NFTs

[Mint Bee Rank Ratio]
Because the higher the level, the higher the production of bees. The initial acquisition of higher-level bees means that you have faster production than other players. The current system-defined level probability of bees being mint is as follows:
  1. 1.
    1/3000 chance to open a level 4 bee;
  2. 2.
    1/300 chance to open a level 3 bee;
  3. 3.
    1/60 chance to open a level 2 bee;
  4. 4.
    The remaining ones are level 1 bees;
Look forward to good luck befalling you.

Sell Bee NFTs

Because there are only 3,000 bees in the game, BeeHive provides a trading market for selling the Bee NFTs you own. You can set the price at will. You only need to price the Bee NFTs you want to sell in your wallet and click sell to complete the listing operation immediately. , when a player is willing to buy, just buy it through the MARKET market;
For each sale, a 3.00% service fee will be charged;

Upgrade Bee NFTs

Higher-level Bee NFTs can generate more $HONEY. Feeding the $SUG that bees like can make your Bee NFTs level up. The system will tell you how much more you need to feed to upgrade. Excessive $SUG will be consumed after the upgrade and will not be accumulated in the next upgrade process, so please feed it reasonably to avoid waste. After the upgrade conditions are met, the Upgrade button will be illuminated and you can upgrade your bees.