Get $SUG

The sweet token - favorite treat of Bees

The delicious token

Now you know everything about earning $HONEY, let’s see how you can use it. Yes, it’s sellable on the market. However, a wise ant would keep it to get $SUG , the only energy source of Bees. There are two ways to obtain sugar from Honey, depending on your strategy.


You can stake it to start earning $SUG . Farming is set at a 3x daily ratio per Honey staked. The sug production is claimable anytime. A very efficient method for long-term strategies: Stake more, earn more!
In order to regulate inflation, it will burn 🔥 8.3333%(1/12) of unstaked $HONEY.


Alternatively, you can swap your Honey for $SUG at a ratio of 1:12. For each Honey swapped, you get 12 sug! This option is useful for rush strategies, to earn more faster.
All the swapped $HONEY is instantly burned 🔥.
Learn how Honey and Sug interacts in The Hive.