Fight to Predator

The predator will coming
predator is coming
In the natural world, every creature has its corresponding natural enemies. The arrival of the predators of the bees will threaten the safety of the hive. The bees need to unite and fight to defend their hive, defeat them and share the rewards carried (different predators carry different rewards). During the battle, bees need to pledge their own $HONEY to fight. For different predators, each bee can only participate in one battle.
Each battle of the bees will bring different damage to the predators, and the bees need to unite to fight the aggression of foreign enemies.

What is the damage value to determine to predators,How to reward bees for fighting ?

Predator's damage value = bee's score * random factor (random factor is 0 - 1 )
  • If the predator is defeated, 70% of the reward held by the predator will be rewarded to the bee participating in the battle, and it will be evenly distributed according to the proportion of damage to the boss; 5% will be rewarded to the first and last bee participating in the battle respectively. The remaining 20% will be accumulated into the next boss reward;
  • If the specified time is used up and the predator is still not defeated, 10% of the predator's holdings will be rewarded to the bees participating in the battle, which will be equally distributed according to the proportion of damage to the predator;
To encourage brave pioneers, the first and last bees to fight will receive an additional 5% of the predator's holdings, regardless of whether the predator is defeated by the bees.

Which bees can fight and get rewards?

Different predators need different levels of bees to participate in the battle according to their HP, and they also need to pledge different amounts of $HONEY.

What are the predators?

The arrival of natural enemies of bees is accidental, but it is certain that natural enemies of bees will only arrive one at a time. We have received reliable news that the current predators will be as follows, but we don't have exact news when they will arrive, the only thing we know is that the first predator will arrive on 2022/07/01, let's stock up on food ($HONEY) and prepare for battle.

How to participate in the battle?

  1. 1.
    Make sure that your bees meet the conditions for participating in the battle. Different predators have different requirements.when the predator appears, you can know the level of bees that can participate in the battle in the predator‘s attributes;
  2. 2.
    Make sure that you have enough $HONEY, these $HONEY will provide you to participate in the battle, it should be noted that once you participate in the battle, these $HONEY will be burned.
3. Go to the predator page, you can see the predators you are currently facing. When the battle starts, the "Fight to predator" button will can click. Click the button to select the bee that needs to enter the battle . The bees that exist in the list are the bees that can participate in the battle, click "Fight", and confirm the battle through your wallet to start the battle;
4. Each battle will cause damage to predators, and the damage value can be seen from the list below;
5. After the battle, the part of rewards held by the predators will be distributed to the bees participating in the battle, and the first and last to participate in the battle will have additional rewards. For specific reward rules, please refer to Determining the damage to predators?