Ratios & Maths

Everything you need to know to optimize your yield.

Working to produce $HONEY

$HONEY is our inflationary token, as Bees will never stop working to produce $HONEY. This salary depends of which level your Bees are working at. Each level of salary has a flat $HONEY increment according to the following linear formula:
Yield (level) = 0.75 + 0.25*level
[$HONEY daily salary per lev]
According to the community's vote, the current $HONEY produced has been reduced to half of the game opening at block height 7,312,950
Yield (level) = (0.75 + 0.25*level)/2

Level up to increase your salary

Use $SUG to increase your level. The higher your level, the more $SUG you need to level up. The upgrade cost follows the formula:
$SUG required to upgrade = 25*((current level+2)^2)
[$SUG needed to update per lev]
When upgrading from the current level to the next level, the excessively used $SUG will be destroyed, and the system will prompt you how much more $SUG you need to complete the upgrade;

Frozen time after updating

BEEs need to rest after leveling up. The higher the level, the longer the required rest period. No need to worry about $HONEY being produced even when BEEs are resting, so don't worry about your $HONEY production. Freeze time is calculated in hours by this very simple formula:
Freeze Time (hours) = Level * 1
[Frozen time in hours per lev]

Unfreeze time

The rest time required by BEEs after upgrading can also be lifted by feeding $SUG, which can ensure that BEEs quickly enter the upgradeable state, and accelerate the upgrade to increase its $HONEY production. Different levels of BEEs have different thawing times and need to follow the following formula:
$SUG required to unfreeze = level * 100
[$SUG required to unfreeze per level]