Revenue allocation

BEE vestors, this page is what you're looking for.

Slicing the cake

  • 30% - Longevity and evolutions
  • 25% - Core team
  • 20% - Initial REI-HONEY liquidities
  • 15% - Colony maintenance
  • 10% - Community building

Longevity and evolutions

We want BeeHive to make a difference in the NFT ecosystem, to mark the crypto-history and create a long term and sustainable project. 30% of mint revenues are allocated to longevity and evolutions to fulfill our vision. This allocation will help us grow the team, pay people to delegate parts of the project so we can focus on upcoming innovations.

Core team 👪

In order to ensure BeeHive long-term success, we allocate a significant budget to Core team 👨‍👦‍👦 . As all the team members are currently working 9 to 5, this allocation will help us to focus 100% on BeeHive as soon as possible.

Liquidity $REI - $HONEY

About 20% $REI will be added to create a liquidity pool on Oortswap. This amount will be locked and we will renew the locking indefinitely. See Security 🔒 for details.

Colony maintenance

This part will be used for colony maintenance, to ensure the actual game and economy will run smoothly.

Community building 💪

Budget allocated to marketing and communication to make the colony known. We are adding the budget we had prelaunch to this one because we didn't really need to use it thanks to you and the organic growth we had.

Important transactions ✅

The most important transactions team makes for the project will appear here. As investors, you will always be aware of how is your money used and safe.