Precious HONEY coin, only BEE NFT can get it!

Everything starts with Honey

$HONEY is a governance token produced by BEEs. As the main currency in the BeeHive ecosystem, it is designed to fight inflation 🔥 with multiple burn mechanisms. This is the only way to get $SUG, the bee's favorite food, and players can also upgrade your bees.
$HONEY contract address: 0xa30DE46D08340A6900464F437078491f95a6559A

Numbers 🧮

  • Starting daily cap : 3,000 HONEY ;
  • Allocated for team: 45,000 HONEY unlocked over two years.
  • Allocated for airdrops: 30,000 HONEY.
  • Initial liquidity allocation: 60,000 HONEY , 60,000 HONEY - 480,000 REI 20% of the mint's income is used to add liquidity, the total mint amount will increase after reaching 50%, and the initial price is 1 HONEY = 8 REI;
  • Unlimited;
$HONEY starting price will be about 8 $REI. It's intentionally cheap and designed to avoid massive selling by short-term players who want to sell quickly. We believe this strategy will increase the long-term value of BEE NFTs, and we know the community will soon find a fair price for $HONEY.


While the supply of $SUG is finite and will be depleted by mining over time, $HONEY must fight inflation ⚔️. To this end, many mechanisms have been implemented, and there will be more.
  • Swapping for $SUG.
  • Unstaking fees.
  • Naming your bees.
  • Skipping dig cooldown.
  • Mint BeeHive next gens - future.
  • Mint BeeHive partner projects - future.


  • After the HIVE NFTS is minted, the 20% income is used to repurchase $ Honey and Burn it.
  • The 20% income of HOA fee will be used to repurchase $ honey and Burn it.
  • 10% of the reward pool in the 1 vs 1 battle is used to buy back $HONEY and burn it;