Feed Bee $SUG, upgrade Bee NFTs, use $SUG, eliminate the thawing time required to upgrade.

Earn enough before it runs out

$SUG is the second utility token in the game and is used as the only energy source for BEEs. This precious food is deflationary by design and has a limited supply, which means you have to eat enough before it runs out! Sufficient $SUG is required for both upgrade and un-upgrade freeze time.

Numbers 🧮

  • Upper limit: 690,000,000;
  • Airdrop: 30,000,000;
  • Won't be listed on exchanges;

Deflationary mechanisms

As $SUG is hard-capped and burned once consumed, and over time the supply will be exhausted and will eventually run out. BeeHive encourages players to burn all sugar produced as this is the only way to earn more income;